Community Benefits Tracker Features

Hospitals face unique challenges and the Community Benefits Tracker team works diligently to provide products and services that maximize organizations’ resources. Community Benefits Tracker is designed specifically for hospitals and health systems, with features that make it easy to tailor data collection and reporting.

 Key Features of Community Benefits Tracker!

Allow Salary and Fringe Benefit Rates to be Hidden from Users’ View

Collect required information, while controlling the views available to staff. Important financial information on salary rates and fringe benefits cost can be hidden from specific users’ view.

Free Personalized Training for all Users

Robust user training is available via one-on-one personalized live webinars and a comprehensive library of dozens of on-demand training videos and document to ensure all users are comfortable using this simple tool.

Track and Roll-up Data from Multiple Facilities within a Healthcare System

Community Benefits Tracker allows users to generate reports based on an individual hospital, across an entire health system or a selection of entities in the organization.

Import Data from External Sources to Provide and Efficient, Hassle-free Transition

Import functionality allows organizations to transition to Community Benefits Tracker with minimal time and effort.

Schedule H Module to Create Year-end Worksheets and Forms

The IRS 990 Schedule H worksheets are provided to help organizations collect the data needed for the IRS 990 Schedule H. Built-in functionality allows the organization to “lock” event data to protect work and provide consistent data reporting.

Pre-defined Sections and Programs Already Created in Community Benefits Tracker

With more than 150 pre-defined programs and an extensive What Counts knowledgebase, users will be ready to start tracking the organization’s community benefit data from the moment they log in. Community Benefits Tracker also provides the ability to hide programs to further streamline and customize reporting.

Create Default Staffing Rates

With Community Benefits Tracker default staffing rates, users can set entity-wide and department-specific staffing rates for all events.

Schedule Emails to Send Automatically

Community Benefits Tracker can automatically send scheduled emails to Community Benefits Tracker users to keep everyone on-track with data collection deadlines, report reminders and more.

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