About Community Benefits Tracker

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association has more than 41 years of experience in healthcare data management, collection and comparative reporting. After receiving requests to use the MHA’s Community Benefits Annual Survey from healthcare organizations from across the country, the MHA launched Community Benefits Tracker in 2007 for hospitals to collect data from daily events and streamline annual survey participation. Now, with more than 14 years’ experience collecting community benefit data, it has become the go-to choice for measuring what matters in an efficient, easy to use platform.

Community Benefits Software Designed for You

When the Michigan Health & Hospital Association created Community Benefits Tracker, it was because healthcare organizations needed a more efficient, cost-effective way of tracking all the great programs and services they were providing in their communities. As organizations evolved over the years, so has Community Benefits Tracker. We have always worked directly with clients to improve the application based on their needs.

Now, we have used their input to launch the next generation of the application.

Community Benefits Tracker Advantage includes modern features and functionality that allows for more customization while improving staff efficiency. Contact us to see the what’s new in community benefit tracking and reporting and learn how it can be customized to meet your specific needs!

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