Hospital Events Module Highlights:

  • Follows IRS 990 Schedule H, CHA/VHA guidelines and the AHA community benefit resolution.

  • Contains an IRS 990 Schedule H module to create year end worksheets and forms. 
    The IRS 990 Schedule H worksheets are provided for your convenience. This feature is designed to help you collect the data needed for the IRS 990 Schedule H. Built-in functionality gives you the ability to "lock" event data to protect work and provide consistent data reporting.

  • “Copy Event” feature saves you time. 
    The copy event features allows you to easily create similar or reoccurring events, while giving you the flexibility to change the date, attendees, etc. without having to re-enter all static information.

  • Provides robust reporting. 
    The flexible reporting module provides you access to your data in real-time. Reports can be generated MS Excel or Adobe PDF formats.

  • You have control of user set-up and user rights. 
    Tracker provides you with the flexibility to have control of user set-up and user rights for your system, facilities and clinics. You determine who has access to each area of the software.

  • Allows salary and fringe benefit rates data to be hidden from users’ view. 
    You are in control of the views available to your staff. Important financial information on salary rates and fringe benefits costs can be “hidden” from the users view.

  • Capture your community benefit stories. 
    The easy-to-use story editor gives you the flexibility to save both text, photos and graphics for future use.

  • You are able to add questions that are custom to your needs. 
    Built-in functionality provides you with the opportunity to create specific custom questions for data collection. For your convenience, question responses may be numeric, alpha, drop-down multi answer, or text fields.

  • Tracks and rolls-up data from multiple hospitals (and other entities) within a system. 
    Track offers the ability to set up clinic-facility-system relationships and roll-up data so you control the information or view. This feature also allows for reporting based on an individual hospital or entity or a combination of both . . . you get to choose!

  • Free Web-based training. 
    Education is a very important part of the Tracker system. We encourage you and your colleagues to attend as many sessions and as often as you would like and it's provided free to you!

    (Recorded sessions are also available)

  • All events data can be easily exported. 
    You can export your data quickly and easily using the built-in export feature.


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